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Android Programming with kotlin

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Android Programming with kotlin

5 days hands-on £2,425+VAT

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Covers the essentials of programming apps for Android devices using Kotlin, which is now Google's language of choice for Android.



  • Major Features of Android Studio
  • App structure overview
  • Creating new app projects
  • Building apps
  • Running apps on the emulator
  • Running apps on hardware
  • Kotin-specific features


  • The activity layout file
  • Layouts
  • Views
  • Resources
  • Android Studio layout editor
  • The activity class
  • Activity lifecycle
  • Event handlers
  • Explicit and implicit intents
  • Launching other activities
  • Passing data between activities
  • Using RecyclerView


  • Benefits of using fragments
  • Creating fragments
  • Passing data between fragments and activities
  • Passing data between fragments


  • ViewModels
  • State Bundles
  • Shared Preferences
  • The app sandbox
  • Assets
  • SQLite databases
  • The Room component library
  • LiveData
  • Configuration changes

Dialogs and Menus

  • AlertDialogs
  • Custom dialogs
  • Dialog fragments
  • Passing data into and out of dialogs
  • The app bar
  • Menus

Testing, Debugging and Publishing

  • The Android Studio debugger
  • Unit testing with JUnit
  • User interface testing with Espresso
  • Publishing on Google Playstore

Graphics and Multimedia

  • Touch events
  • Custom views and the onDraw event
  • Accessing the camera
  • Storing photos and videos
  • FileProviders
  • Scaling bitmaps for display
  • Checking availability of hardware features
  • Audio playback
  • SoundPools


  • Styles
  • Themes
  • XML drawables
  • Localisation
  • Android Studio translation editor
  • Accessibility
  • TalkBack


  • HTTP networking with the Retrofit library
  • Network permissions
  • Sending web requests
  • Processing web responses
  • Implementing ReST clients
  • JSON data conversion
  • Legacy XML data converters

Background Tasks

  • Multi-Threading
  • Loopers
  • Handlers and HandlerThread
  • WorkManager and Workers
  • Broadcast receivers
  • Services


Potential Android programmers face a very steep learning curve. Not only is the operating system different to those found on static devices but it changes constantly and rapidly. One major new development is the increasing use of Kotlin as the programming language, now that Google has endorsed it as its preferred language for Android apps.

This course guides the potential Android programmer through the Android programming maze by providing solid, real-world examples that build a complete understanding of the system.


On successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Write and build apps for Android using Kotlin in Android Studio
  • Deploy and run apps on the emulator and on real devices
  • Understand the major Android components
  • Access common hardware features like the camera
  • Interact with other useful components like the Contacts database
  • Perform unit tests and user-interface tests
  • Publish apps on Google Playstore


This course is aimed primarily at Kotlin programmers who wish to create or maintain Android apps. Other members of the development team may also find it useful.


Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of Kotlin up to the level covered in the Kotlin Programming course. Familiarity with Gradle is helpful but not essential. No knowledge of either Android or Android Studio is assumed.

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